Nano Package

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The Nano Package translates to our Social WiFi basic package.

The Happy WiFi Networks®  NANO PACKAGE is the best for businesses that really want to try out our Social WiFi products and services. 

This service is un-managed, but we don't leave you on your own. Read below for more info!

We will be sure to setup your branded login screen and get you started.

*30 days of service included* After 30 days, you will be invoiced for every month after. 

*Hardware not included*
Be sure to add hardware to your cart!


What does the NANO Package Include?

-Automated Lead WiFi Generator

-Unlimited Users & Logins

-Custom Landing Page & SSID

-Multilingual Landing Pages

-URL Redirect after login

-Dashboard Login

-Download Contact List (CSV)

-Real-time Reporting

-User Connection Details

-Employee Access Control



You will need to purchase our Happy WiFi Hardware with this package. It can be added to your cart from our SHOP page, or simply choose a bundle!

In summary this package is an un-managed package, which means you will be in charge. However we don't leave you alone. 

The NANO Package provides you with a branded Social WiFi login where customers can login with their email or social media accounts like Facebook. From there, the Happy WiFi software extracts your customer's information, like date of birth, email, phone numbers, names, and ect. No promotions or automations are available with this package, but you will have login access to our portal where you can download the contact lists that our software creates from you. You are able to download the contact list and upload them to email systems like MailChimp or Constant Contact. 

Extras that come with this package include a multi-language login, employee access control (so you know when employees are using the WiFi and can even block them), and real time reporting!